Friday, November 30, 2007

While still struggling to make meals with a high percentage of local ingredients during this season, I am now adding a layer of difficulty to my task - meals that are lower in fat and calories. Not that the two goals are incompatible, it's just more things to take into consideration when planning what we eat.
Last night's dinner was moderately successful on the former and very successful on the latter goal. Chicken and Goat Cheese Quesadilla from one of the "Cooking Light" books. I could have used local chicken, but am still using up turkey from last week. The goat cheese was from Fraga Farm, not farm from here in Sweet Home, Oregon. Whole wheat tortillas, onions, chicken broth and sour cream all local - not so the lime and I don't remember where the cilantro hails from, but assume it is another in the ubiquitous California supply. Those lovely green slices on top are tomatilloes from our garden. The recipe is also on the Cooking Light webpage.

Meanwhile, in my continuing journey to life after school, I've taken an important step this week. In consultation with my husband, I finally made the decisions about how to handle the retirement options and sent all my paperwork into the public employee's retirement office. Woo-hoo! It's official. And this afternoon, we are heading to our financial planner to get more advice on our long-range planning. Of course, this now means another challenge to add to the food planning - spend less money!

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