Monday, November 12, 2007

Tat Soi

OK, so, in preparing my first official 90% local meal for the Dark Days Challenge, I discovered a few little issues I hadn't thought about ahead of time. First, there is the fact that my kitchen is already full of a lot of food of unknown origin. Can't really see throwing it all out, but I guess I will have to try to use those items without compromising the commitment too significantly. For example, at the farmer's market, I had gotten two pork chops from the Pine Mtn. Ranch in Bend. Then, I found a terrific-sounding recipe for pork chops with cornbread pecan stuffing. Cornmeal was available from a local outfit and all but one of the vegetables met the requirements. I could have substituted filberts which are grown in Oregon for the pecans which most definitely are not. But, I had pecans on hand. So, pecans it was and maybe next time, I'll try a local substitution.

Next thing I learned is that it is probably a whole lot easier to stay in control of the 90% local thing if you stick with simple food preparations. This lovely pork chop recipe had 16 ingredients and the salad recipe had 12. While it is true that I have more time available in my life now that I am working half time, that is 28 different items to research. On the other hand, I was quite pleased to find anything that actually called for the tat soi that I brought home from the market as an experiment. Epicurious actually produced six such recipes for me. If tat soi(also billed as tatsoi) is new to you as well, it is the lovely green in the featured photo of the day. I'm going to try some of it in a pasta sauce tonight along with peppers, tomatoes and zucchini(the last from our own garden) and chanterelle mushrooms.

Lastly, a thank you to my blogging-mentor sister Ann for the nod in her "Running Crazy" posting today.

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Ann said...

traci wishes that you would set your blog up to accept anon. comments, cuz she's too lazy to sign up. but promises to sign her name whenever she does comment.

see the hassles of being a blogger? constant demands from your reading public.