Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Trying to Cheat on Chickens

In response to my newly acquired faithful blog readers (meaning they've read this blog once), I have fixed my profile so that it no longer shows that I am in accounting. Even though I was a mathematics teacher for many years, I have absolutely no aptitude for accounting. I leave that to the smart people in my life. And, following up from another request, I have changed the settings so that anyone can make comments. You do not need to be a registered "member". Since it is unlikely there are hordes of folks jumping at the chance to read and comment on my blog, I can't afford to put any barriers in the way of anyone wanting to share their wisdom.

After my whining the other night about the difficulty level in checking out where all my food comes from when I make something with multiple ingredients, I need to follow up with a more positive observation. At least if you go to that trouble, it is smart to make enough to have leftovers so you then have a second meal that comes primarily within the 200 mile radius. Last night, we had the leftover cornbread stuffing and more salad from the same vegetables. Since we'd only had the two pork chops from the ranch in Bend on the first outing of this dinner, I got some chicken breasts to substitute for a second meal. Alas, I have not yet done research on where to find chicken raised closer to home. So, we had some from northern California. A lot of our food that is readily available around here comes from California. If I were one to quibble with the rules (that I voluntarily signed on for), I would note that we don't get the full benefit of the 200 miles to the west. By the time you get to the Oregon coast, we should have another 125 miles left in the radius of our agreed-upon circle. So, I'm thinking we should be able to lop off that portion of the circle and tack it on to the south. But,that still wouldn't get me to the source of those chickens, so I guess I'll give up that argument and do my research.

Taco Salad tonight with more of those darn California pollos.

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Anonymous said...

California chickens are happy you get that commercial? Anyway, just wanted you to know that I am enjoying your blog very much!! No snail pics, which is a huge bonus. Unless you were considering a little local french meal with your garden variety. I am being inspired by the local eating challenge. Do you have a way to share your recipes on your blog site? Now I bet you wished you never opened the door for anonymous comments, huh? Love from So-Cal