Saturday, November 17, 2007

Only a Temporary Setback

Although we have pretty much harvested the last of the vegetables from the garden for this year, we still do have these lovely dahlias bringing some color to the back yard.

I could be discouraged today since my formerly-known-as-lucky UM slippers were not the lucky charm I had hoped for today. But, no, not letting that get me down. Today is my birthday! And, while those of us who are older than dirt probably shouldn't get so excited about birthdays, this is the magic one that allows me to retire soon. So, I am a happy woman. No football loss or rain is going to spoil my day. Besides, we are heading off to a party soon and then to the beach for a couple days. And, I also have next week to look forward to when the beloved offspring will be in town and we will have the delayed birthday celebration.

No cooking today other than making polenta triangles to take to a party tonight. But, then I didn't like how they turned out, so Grady is making a fruit salad for us to take instead. My main Dark Days Challenge meal this week will be tomorrow night - to take advantage of the fresh seafood available at the coast. I'm bringing some squash from the farm that we visited up near Mt. Hood to complement the fish. I will report on that when we return.

Do you think we will qualify for some obscure bowl game anyway?

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ckw said...

bee u tee ful flowers-- i'm so excited to look at your blog - it is so fun- dont you think everyone should do one? i am supposed to be doing something here i'm sure -but i just took a break--as i just deleted all my school email from 2004! what a load of you know what!
happy holiday and come over on friday if ya arent busy as we are having a "sale" en la gallery petite- making room for new things-
i will keep visiting-thanks carole