Saturday, June 21, 2008

Strawberry Day

On our way down to Manzanita on Wednesday afternoon, we stopped to buy some strawberries from a farm in Canby. And, then, when Jeff drove down a little while later, he bought some as well - a whole flat. Plus, I'd brought from home a pint that I'd gotten at the farmer's market. We were knee deep in local strawberries. And no one was complaining. So, Thursday was a full-on strawberry day.

sliced strawberries on the yogurt pancakes I'd made ( many thanks to Melinda at 'Elements in Time' for this great way to start the day. This link to her blog has the recipe and photos.)
a little sliced bread with cheese and whole strawberries on the side
grilled steak with leftovers from Father's day and another party, followed by strawberry shortcake that Jeff made for us - using the traditional recipe in my old copy of Joy of Cooking that I keep down at the beach.

Proud to say we're doing our best this week to support a couple of the local strawberry farms in our area.

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Sharon said...

Sounds so good! I love Strawberry Days. Thanks for sharing a link to the yogurt pancake recipe - that's now on my list for sure!