Thursday, June 26, 2008

Now It Feels Official

that I am retired. Today was the last of the various retirement festivities - a luncheon put on by our Portland district administrators professional organization. Along with my fellow principal retirees, I was given a plaque and a nice tribute. In my case, the little speech was given by one of the Assistant Superintendents whom I have worked for in three different positions in my career with the district. It was embarrassing, but nice to be acknowledged by my colleagues.

Since I didn't need to go back to work afterwards, I celebrated by taking the time to ride my bike to the athletic club for a workout. For normal people, this wouldn't be any big accomplishment since the gym is only a bit under 2 miles from here and it's a posted bike route most of the way, even though on city streets and crossing the bridge. But, it's the first time I didn't take the car to go the gym, so I feel like it was a step forward for my exercise program.

Why couldn't it have just been a nice day all around instead of coming home to the news that the Supreme Court has made a huge mistake?


Dale said...

congratulations! On the retirement & on the bicycling, both.

ckw said...

WOW- you're a biker--dude --and now with lots of time to take advantage of that mode of transportation-i am envious and not coordinated enough to bike the city-but you inspire me to get out and walk-you'll have to bike up to the "hood and have some coffee sometime-
way to go