Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"June-uary" = CSA delay

Juneuary - the TV station weather people are very fond of this term that one of them came up with. But, I have to admit I laughed the first time I heard it because it pretty well describes what's been going on here in the lovely Pacific Northwest. We had been due to have our first CSA pickup on June 18, but, as the weather has dragged on in this cool mode, I was guessing we'd hear that there would be a delay. And, that email came yesterday. Heather, at Little Frog Farm, gave us this update: "the unusually cool and wet weather during much of May and so far June has meant that veggies are growing very slowly in the open farm field. Since I don’t have the green houses or hoop houses that other larger farms may have, we’ll just have to wait for the sun to make an appearance and do its good work. "

So, in the meantime, we are enjoying the greens from our garden and the veggies, fish, cheese, etc. that we can get at the various farmer's markets that are close to us.

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