Monday, June 16, 2008

Note to self: get a life

It's a darn good thing that I am pretty sure my kids do not read my blog. If they did, I imagine it would reinforce their opinion that I need to "get a life". But, since they do have lives and better things to do, I think it's safe for me to write about exciting experiences such as reorganizing the food storage container drawer. Along with the more entertaining things I've done since retiring, I am also trying to occasionally address some of those not-so-fun things on the "to do" list. So, one of those was to deal with the frustrating experience of rooting around in the tupperware drawer looking for a box and a lid that match for storing leftovers.

When I got everything out onto the counter island, this is what I found:

Keeping in mind, this does not count things currently in use in the fridge or freezer. Seems like a bit much, wouldn't you say? There are only two of us who live her now. How much food could we possibly store?! My theory is that there is hanky panky going on in that drawer when we're not around and they are reproducing. I know I have never purchased that many containers. And, then, of course, after matching up all the boxes with lids that fit, these were left over:

Have no idea where are the containers that once went with these, but it does not seem necessary to continue harboring these orphans in the over-full drawer.

So, next step is to figure out which to keep and what to do with the ones we don't keep. To some extent, this project was motivated by the fact that we got a new freezer, that raspberries should be arriving soon and, in general, I want to do more long term storage of foods that are available in the summer and fall in order to keep us eating locally for more of the year.

I'm guessing that I will no longer be able to give my sister a bad time when she writes about racoons, toilets or her toes on her blog. Darn.

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ckw said...

That is so funny-I love your pictures of the orphans-I am trying to think of some creative recycled thing one could do with those..hmmm
I remember being at your house for a Christmas TGIF or something and a conversation of where some kind of utensil would be located and neither one of you had any idea!
Who's to say about getting a life-my new thing is painting on old wood blocks and reliving the '70s in recycling cigar boxes-who needs to get a life?