Monday, March 2, 2009

Rochester Trip Photos, March 09

These next two posts are just going to be a series of family pictures from my recent trip to Rochester to visit Mom. More on food - local and not - coming up.

The McHughs are in the hunt for a family dog. Since I am still in Molly withdrawal, I went along to check out some golden-doodle puppies. VERY VERY CUTE!

This little one really liked the spot Kyle made for him.

Krissy gettting geared up for St. Patrick's day while waiting for dinner at Flaherty's. Not only do they let kids in the bar area, but they give them beer trinkets. I didn't manage to score one myself, but Kyle very kindly gave his to me, so I will be set for the 17th also.

I gave my camera to Krissy while I was sitting out in another waiting area. She captured this very sweet picture of her Mom.

Finally, we got called to a table for dinner. Mom, along with the rest of us, was ready.

To be continued.....


Anonymous said...

The puppy made me melt - so cute! Do you think you'd get another dog? You look like you are having a great time with family....

Joan said...

I am pretty sure we will get another dog. sometimes Grady says "if we get another dog", but I always say "when...". We really need to wait until later in the summer since we are going on a long trip in June/July. It wouldn't make sense to get a puppy shortly before going away like that. But I am definitely READY!