Monday, March 2, 2009

Rochester Trip Photos, part 2

Then, there was the infamous Boggle game. Kyle is busy totaling up his score. Krissy was the official timer, keeping us from cheating. She also added up my scores for me.

Beat by my 7th grade niece. Ugh.
Tara - displaying a surprising lack of humility after beating her aunt.

The not-so-gracious LOSER.

But, hey, we were first and second, after all. And there were other people playing the game as well. (not mentioning any names)

And, no trip to Rochester would be complete without Sunday breakfast after church with the gang. Pretty good looking group. Don played hooky from church that morning. tsk, tsk.

And, lastly, have to have one more shot from the mutual admiration society of Krissy and the camera.


Anonymous said...

Boggle is a game I keep wanting to get good at but never quite succeed in doing.... maybe because my family is rather small and we don't have enough people to make it interesting? Lol on the "healthy competition"!

Ann said...

quit crying, at least you got some pretty green beads..