Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Kitchen Tools

Well, not real new. But, I'm catching up on some blog ideas hanging in the back of my brain closet. Recently I used two new additions to my kitchen tool collection for one evening's dinner.

I made a pinenut-crusted fish using a recipe from Moosewood's "Simple Suppers". This was the product of a trip to Powell's for Norway books and maps. While Grady and Ardie were browsing in the travel section, I hung out in the cookbook department. And managed to find something that is new to me and which looked really useful.

A while back when a few of us were taking a cooking class, the chef showed us a Messermeister peeler - with a very sharp serrated blade. He used it to peel an apricot for a dessert. I have found it to be extraordinarily useful. In this case, I used it to peel some delicata squash for a risotto.

This is the squash and chard risotto with fried sage leaves - a variation on a recipe in The Farm to Table Cookbook.

Later, I'll show you my terrific new kitchen shears, but I think this is enough excitement for one evening.


Anonymous said...

I like the look of that peeler - mine is more-than-dying. I guess I don't peel enough to make it worthwhile (plus the price throws me off), but this blade is tempting even me.

CouponAlbum said...

It looks delicious!! You have wonderful kitchen tools!! Cookbooks are really best thing for kitchen!!