Friday, November 7, 2008

Knitting Rookie

Learning to knit was on my list of things to begin once I'd retired. And, after some other projects last year, I started moving on this goal last summer. I've taken two short beginner classes and then recently took a class on how to make a hat.

I started with a couple of cotton dishcloths. That seemed like a good way to learn how to follow a pattern and complete a project from start to finish with the limited skills I had.

This is the beginning of the hat. The new skill was knitting in the round - really easy until you get to the part where the circles need to get smaller and smaller and then you have to switch to a bunch of double pointed needles and everything feels VERY awkward and you feel like you have 40 fingers.
The completed hat

Unfortunately, the hat looks really bad on me. But, most hats do. I don't really have a hat kind of head- particularly for close-fitting knitted hats. So, I need to find someone to take it off my hands. These two below offered and seemed to enjoy it. But, it's a little big for them. I'll have to try making one their size sometime.

I had started on a Christmas stocking in preparation for a class where I would learn how to make it and then found out this week they are having to cancel the class due to low enrollment. So, now I have to decide whether to try to do it anyway or take up something else. It really doesn't matter. I don't have great ambitions, but it is kind of relaxing and I love the colors and feel of the yarns.


Anonymous said...

Joan, they're all beautiful. You have much better technique as a beginner than I had. It took me a long time to get even stitches. Some rows would be very loose and then I'd try to over-correct and well, you can guess the result. Congratulations!


Joan said...

Thanks, Catherine. My last knitting teacher also said I had very even stitches, especially for having been at it a short time. Unfortunately, I'm also good at making mistakes and not knowing how to fix them. I need a knitting coach!

Late Bloomer said...

Your hat is beautiful! I learned how to kniw from my Nana when I was a pre-teen...but then promptly gave it up and forgot everything she taught me...until Christmas eve this year. We were snowed in and my daughter was curled up in the living room knitting a scarf, so I asked if she'd take pity on her poor old Mom and give me a lesson. I hope to continue developing my skill and hope to get to the point where I can knit some slippers.
I'd love to see more of what you're knitting, if you have time to post about it. :-)