Saturday, August 23, 2008

To Market, To Market...

but not to buy a fat pig. Instead: plums, peaches, corn, lettuce, garlic and a pickle! I haven't been down to the farmer's market at PSU in a while. We've been getting most of our vegetables through the farm share or at the nearby Eastbank farm market lately. But, having gotten my bike looked over yesterday, I was in the mood for riding to the market this morning. There is a new stand - Pickleopolis (aka "Kingdom of the Brine") where they sell pickled cucumbers, beans, beets and some kraut. The pickle I brought home for lunch was really good - lots of garlic, very crisp. And, seeing my bike helmet, the woman very nicely packaged it in a second bag for me so it would survive the trip without getting pickle juice all over my fruit.

On the way home, I stopped at Clever Cycles and bought myself a present - a small basket to put on the front handlebars. I've been looking at them in various places for a while and found a nice simple one there. It has 2 hooks which just hang over the handlebar - very easy to put on and take off, has a handle if I want to take it off to carry around. There are some things that I don't really want to put in the panniers, but which should survive a trip in the basket more safely. For example, this morning at the farmer's market, I was looking at pints of berries and some flowers, but passed on both because of not having a good way to carry them.

So, with a little tuning up and a new basket, I'm good to go - trying to ride without worrying about falling again. My arm and leg are mostly healed, so it seems like I should be able to get over the rest of it. At 58, I don't seem to bounce back as quickly as I did in my days of bike-riding around Menominee, Escanaba and East Lansing. Duh.

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Ann said...

hey, that's a great looking ride you got there.
yes, those berries boxes are troublesome.