Sunday, August 3, 2008

One Local Summer, Week 8

Wow, when I think back to the "Dark Days Eat Local Challenge" and the degree of difficulty factor in finding local vegetables back in December, January, February. And, then compare to the options now, it is amazing! The offerings at the farmer's markets, of which there are many in Portland, our CSA share, and our little backyard garden make it easy to eat local. In fact, the difficulty now is in choosing and in keeping up with the garden and farm share.

So, we've been having mostly local meals except for when we want to just try something else or are eating elsewhere. One of our best local meals from this week is the one in the picture above.
Grilled Pork Country Boneless Ribs - Sweet Briar Farms in Eugene
Marinted with Huckleberry Pear grilling sauce - Apple Valley Farm Country Store, near Hood River
Russian Banana fingerling potatoes, garlic and WallaWalla scallions - all from our CSA
Salad -garden and CSA lettuce, local blueberries, radishes and snow peas from the CSA share

That Huckleberry Pear grilling sauce is to die for. When we make our next trip up to the "Fruit Loop", I will want to get another jar.

Meanwhile, we've switched over a few things in the garden. Took out a couple of the lettuce plants that had bolted while we were in B.C., cleaned things up and put in some more chard and some new lettuce plants. The peppers and tomatoes are making progress, but still have a ways to go.

The basil, on the other hand, has gone to town. I pulled off enough from it at the stage it is in here to make 3 batches of pesto and still have plenty for everyday cooking.


ckw said...

wow -that all looks so yummy-
your garden pots are so great- i would try it--but i'm doing good to water the yard!
checkout my blog for Backyard Faire on Aug.16th
hope to seeya

Tiffany said...

Everything sounds delicious! I know what you mean about not being able to keep up with everything right now.
The pear grilling sauce sounds yummy. I just made peach bbq sauce for some ribs last weekend. It was really good!