Saturday, February 23, 2008

Long Time No Blog

....and an even longer time ago, I was tagged by Katrina at Kale for Sale
(a lovely blog with notes about living a locavore life, stunning photos, and haiku as a bonus)
As "it", I should share six unimportant things about myself, link to the tagger and then tag some additional bloggers. Since I didn't follow up in a timely manner, I'm not going to tag someone else because the tagging deal has likely run its course. But, I will at least post six unimportant things about me and let Katrina know.

1. I have never seen my husband's face without a beard.(married in 1974)
2. I was once the official bunny hop coordinator for the middle school where I was a math teacher - went around to every class in the school and taught them the bunny hop in preparation for a school event.
3. I do not like ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise.(No, not even gourmet versions)
4. I am the only one of seven siblings who was not born on a U.S. holiday or a Catholic holy day.
5. My daughter was due on Mother's day, but born on Father's day.
6. I cry easily - in movies, talking about my family, any event that involves a processional.

I would add that lately, I have been surprised to find those easy tears forming when I am thinking about the upcoming presidential election and when I think about how important it is to me that either Democratic candidate takes over the White House. But, I do not consider that to be unimportant.

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kale for sale said...

I am so glad I tagged you! I said a silent, "Wow!" for items 1 thru 5 and then of course an "ah," at number 6. Thank you fro taking part.

I have also found myself with tears in regards to the upcoming election and extremely hopeful. I have never been so attentive to the primaries in my life!