Saturday, February 9, 2008

Like the goundhog, the bike makes a February appearance

Hooray! We had a break in the winter weather today and I got my bike out from it's winter hibernation on the ceiling of the garage. I am pretty much a fair weather rider, so when the rains started in November, I took a break from riding. Tons of people here in Portland continue to ride all through the rain and cold, so it's not like it is impossible. But, I'm not yet that committed. So, I was really happy to get the bike out, clean it up, pump up the tires and ride to the Post Office and the grocery store. Plus, I did some just riding around because the store and the P.O. are not really very far.
The weatherman has dismissed any delusions that this nice weather is going to continue. But, for a day (maybe more?) lots of us were out today.


Ann said...

ride sally ride !

oh, joan.

i'm doing all my riding indoors these days. yes, outdoors is doable, but you gotta have all the gear to make it somewhat comfortable. already spend too much $ on biking gear. and don't remind me, i've gotta pick another day in feb. to practice fixing flats. ugh more wine just thinking about it

Anonymous said...

Shall I brag? Today I put on sunscreen. Come visit us...I have a bike you can borrow, Joan! T

Joan said...

I forgot to mention that tomorrow is the annual "Worst Day of the Year Ride" here in Portland. they actually filled up all their 2000 slots last week. So, there ARE quite a few people who don't mind riding in the rain. Although, it certainly does not like tomorrow will be the worst day of the year for this year.