Saturday, February 2, 2008

Could almost make me a convert

...from gin to vodka, that is, for martini-making.
OK, it seemed time for a change from all this talk of good-for-you locally grown foods. I'll write about our Dark Days Challenge meals tomorrow. But, tonight, the featured item is a martini made with Hangar One Vodka - very cold, very dry, with a twist of lemon. Mmmm! I've always been a gin martini girl myself. But, this is pretty darn good. When we were in Alameda, Ca. for Christmas, we visited the Hangar One Distillery, did some tasting and this was my personal favorite for a souvenir to bring home. (Grady chose the ice wine.) It makes a very fine martini. A nice break from the roasting and pureeing of squash to make a soup for dinner.

My friend, Judi, sent a link for something called Vote Chooser. If you are in one of the Super Tuesday states and still having difficulty deciding which way to go, this could help you get started. Not really, but it is kind of fun to check out. Meanwhile, I'm just wondering if this will be the first time that the decisions will not all be made by the time we have our Oregon primary in May. We can always hope.


Ann said...

our martini drinking friends are vodka users (well, except traci) so there is always a bottle of wodka inour freezer, awaiting whomever.

Anonymous said...

Let me just say...a vodka martini is NOT a martini. Traci

ckw said...

oooo- try the washington appletini
Hope at Greater TRumps has got it down-for those of us who aren't true martini drinkers-but wanna join in every now and again-

Joan said...

Well, I might have known that the post about hooch would get more comments than any of those about healthy eating - especially given the interests of all three of the people who ever read this blog!
Ann and Traci: meet my art teacher friend from Vernon, Carole. Carole, Ann is my sister. Traci is one of her best friends and also has the hopeless task of advising me on skin care and cosmetics.

So, gin, vodka, appletini or pinot gris - it's all good at various times. Cheers!