Monday, January 21, 2008

Some things are better than football

Since I ended the last post with the high hopes for the NFC football championship game, I thought I should just add a brief follow up. Very sad in Packerland today. Seems like it was their game to win (home field advantage and all), but they couldn't get there. Very exciting game, but those kinds of games are a lot more fun when your team wins in the end. :( But, as, my mother (Packer fan extraordinaire) said - it will be much easier to watch the Super Bowl this way.

Terrific weekend at the coast. Weather was drop dead gorgeous - sunny and clear, although cold. On the way home, we all were struck by the deep blue color of the Pacific, which is usually gray, gray, gray this time of year. Our friend was smarter than we were and stopped to take a picture. Thanks for sharing, Jeff!

Looking back toward Manzanita from highway 101.

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