Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Arghhhh! Vegetables Kill Cookware

And, here I was, just starting to like them.
But, perhaps I should just admit that I am the one who just managed a fine job of ruining a pan by leaving it on the stove and forgetting about it. I had a nice collection of vegetable leavings from the past week. And I am planning to make a lentil soup this weekend with the bone left from the ham we had recently. I wanted to get the broth made so it would be ready to take with us down to the beach on Friday and use it for the soup. Cleverly, I put it on the stove and then came out to the livingroom - got started reading some blogs and forgot all about the broth! Oh, my what a mess. And what a loss to the upcoming soup. Sigh.

Rounded up another assortment of greens at the Farmer's Market on the way home this evening. I'll have to try Gina's secret ingredient when I cook some of them. But, I do have to be careful not to get carried away since the doc says that too many dark leafy greens can interfere with the meds I had to start taking last week for my irresponsible heart. (Vitamin K is the culprit.) I'm pretty sure that is absolutely the first time I have ever heard someone talk about vegetables not being good for you. Not exactly sure what "too many" is, but it seems unlikely I would consume a quantity that would be harmful.

So, those are my vegetable stories for the evening.

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Ann said...

Didn't anyone warn you that those blogs / bloggers /blogging... will just lead to trouble?

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