Monday, January 12, 2009

Thank you, Cucumber and Scallion

Thanks to Cucumber and Scallion and the family who care for them, I got to have two very local, very fresh eggs for breakfast this morning. (The picture is of the four remaining eggs that we received.) With such a gift, the dilemma was - how to use them? Clearly the best thing was to cook them fairly straight up to enjoy the uniqueness of eggs from chickens I have actually met. I almost poached them, but I have not poached eggs very often and was worried about making a mess of these special eggs. So, I went conservative and fell back on one of my favorites - scrambled. And, to go with them, I had a piece of toast from Grand Central como bread with strawberry jam made by my friend Kelli. So many gifts this morning!

So, many thanks to the girls and to Jennifer, Ian, Liam and Graham. Your gift was a treat. I think this is the first time (at least in a very long time) that I've eaten eggs that came directly from a source I know.


Traci said...

Joan, how did the fresh eggs taste? My mom swears they taste different.

Ann said...

Traci, your mom shouldn't swear so much.

Oh, Joan, eggcellent posting, by the by

Anonymous said...

:-) Such joy in this post, gald you had such a good meal!