Monday, January 26, 2009

Inauguration Party Photos

This past fall, we had established a pattern of watching the debates with Jeff and his extended family. And the same group gathered on election night to watch the returns. So, it seemed only logical to gather this same group of friends on the night of the Inauguration this past week.

Got the dining room all decked out with party regalia - basically everything we owned in red, white and blue.

Grace was the master decorator of the Obama cookies - with some able assistance from Jennifer.

Unlike the ladies who get upset when someone else shows up to the party in the same outfit, we were quite pleased to have matching shirts at this celebration. (Ian, Jennifer and I)

In addition to the beautiful cookies, dinner was a great combined effort. Jeff brought some lovely cheeses for a starter. I made red beans and rice, as well as some nice local sauteed kale. Jennifer and Ian brought roasted vegetables and cornbread. The beans and rice recipe came from Ivy Manning's new blog, Ivysfeast. She is the author of one of my regular cookbooks - The Farm to Table Cookbook.


livinginalocalzone said...

I love it! What a great event, and keeping contact with your group too :-) Red beans and rice, with kale is a star in my eyes. Did you serve the kale mixed with the rice/beans, or as a side?

Joan said...

I served the kale as a side. But, on my own plate, I mixed it all together. And, for the leftovers, we just put it all in one bowl. For such a simple meal, I think it really was a great combination of flavors. And, writing this reminds me that I didn't put in the link to the recipe from Ivy Manning. So, Ill update that post to give credit for a really good recipe.

Ann said...

your mother would be so proud.

i see jeff stuck with his red xmas shirt for the occassion.

but where are the pic's of the adorable kids? yes, you guys are adorable but come on..

i hear ian has a new cd out. dude's prolific. good for him

Joan said...

Ann: this may be difficult to believe, but the 5 and under crowd chose not to come to the inauguration party. They have a standing date with Ian's parents on Tuesday nights to go grocery shopping. Of course, they didn't know cookie decorating was part of our event. And, we didn't know they weren't coming or I wouldn't have made so many cookies - had to package them up to send home for the boys.