Saturday, December 20, 2008

Did I Wake Up in the Wrong Place?

Backyard Deck

This is really beginning to look a lot more like winter in Rochester, and even a little like early winter in Escanaba. Not at all like Portland. After 3-5 days of schools closed (varies in different parts of the city), we're NOW getting the really serious weather. How crazy is that?! Upwards of 8 or more inches of snow in some parts of the city - and, again unusual for us, very dry light powdery stuff. And looking forward to some freezing rain on top of this for tonight. So, we're in for the evening, not going to a Christmas party in the southwest hills. Chili and some doctored eggnog to celebrate on our own here and then on to some movies.

But, you've got to love Portland. A little earlier this evening, we watched a guy riding his bike down the street along the snow-covered street. The cross-country skiers was not a surprising sight, but riding a bike?!

Looking towards neighbor's house

Update on Sunday morning - basically, just take the 7-8 inches of dry snow and add a layer of ice. I don't think we'll see any more bicycles - mainly just people walking or skiing down the middle of the street. Walking through the snow now requires punching through the ice layer with your boots with each step. Even measuring the snow on the deck involved jabbing the ruler several times to get through the ice. Some more photos for our out of town friends and family.

Looking out to Ladd Avenue

I hope the raspberry vines forgive us next summer

On the deck - after the freezing rain and ice compacted what was there last night

And, finally, when you can't really go anywhere, you might as well enjoy it:

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Ann said...

yesterday while we were running around the lake (hi stepping do to depth of snow, we saw 3 guys on bikes doing laps ... in their biker boy kits...