Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dark Days Challenge Recap - Week 5

After getting sidetracked with the snowy weather reports and photos, I am remembering that it is time for the weekly check in on our local eating challenge. This pretty well sums up our week: lentil soup and chili, both made with mostly local ingredients, leftovers of each of those, and then eating elsewhere, plus foraging through what is on hand when we can't get to the grocery store.

I described the lentil soup earlier this week.

This week's chili:
New Seasons' housemade sausage from Pacific Village pork
Muir Glen canned tomatoes from Cedro Wolley, Wa (not terribly local from here, but not too far)
the last of our cherry tomatoes that have slowly been turning red and yellow inside the house
pinto and small red beans from Draper Girls farm
chili peppers - hot ones from our yard (frozen), and sweet ones from the last farmer's market
onion - farmer's market

And now it's time to start thinking about Christmas Eve and Christmas day dinners. For some reason, even with all this extra time at home, I've been postponing that planning. We may need to have plan A and plan B, depending on when we can get out to a grocery store and what is there when we get there.


Anonymous said...

That chilli looks good enough to risk the snow for!!

Anonymous said...

Perfection for this time of year, and all the snow! Tomatoes are what I've been missing so much, I didn't have my act together to can last summer, and there aren't really local sources near me. Do you make a chili each week? Can't wait to read about your holiday feasts!