Wednesday, July 2, 2008

JAM makes Jam

Here is my first effort this summer in the food preserving category. Raspberries from our backyard plus Mt. Hood strawberries - a small batch of each. Used a kind of pectin that allows for using less sugar than normal. These happen to be a cooked and then processed version. Next time, I think I'll make some freezer jam.

I did this project yesterday and then decided that we would have to have something with jam for dinner. So, I made cream biscuits (The Art of Simple Food). But, since it didn't seem quite right to have just biscuits and jam for dinner, I heated up some risotto with squash from the freezer and made a salad out of the garden. (We're also trying to use up stuff in the freezer these days.)

Today, I picked up our first CSA half-share.

By way of miscellaneous trivia, my initials before I was married were JAR. And, for the past 34 years, they've been JAM.


Ann said...

JAM JAR sounds like the makings of a new cottage industry for yourself.... now that you're retired and have nothing to do. :)
fortunately my initials lead me to be happy to just exist.. I are AR

Joan said...

Do you think our mother was devious enough to plan that out?!