Sunday, July 6, 2008

34 years, but who's counting?

It was July 6, 1974, in Manchester, Michigan in the presence of our families and many good friends that Grady and I decided to make the big commitment. And, here we are - 34 years later - graying hair and wonky knees, but still going strong.

We spent part of the day with a day trip to Mt. St. Helens. We like to go up there every so often to see how things are progressing, but it has been quite a while since our last trip. On May 18, 1980, we made the unfortunate decision to drive from Seattle to Portland with Grady's mom and our 11 month old daughter. Seven hours later, we arrived at home after spending quite a bit of time on the freeway near Chehalis waiting for I5 to re-open. The one payoff was seeing the mud and debris-clogged Toutle River rushing at an amazing speed on its way to the Cowlitz River. Truly an amazing sight, but, boy, what a long day.

After our trip up to see what we could of St. Helens (low clouds getting in the way), we went to LePigeon for an anniversary dinner. It has received very positive reviews since they opened and they were recently rated Restaurant of the Year by The Oregonian. We decided that was a good call based on the wonderful dinner we had. Feeling brave after a delicious dinner, we tried an unusual dessert - cornbread with honey and apricots, topped with maple ice cream and small bits of bacon. The chef is known for inventive combinations and this certainly qualified. It was delicious. Although quite a small serving, we were glad we were sharing it since it was so rich. And, since seating is at communal tables, we met some nice folks from Piedmont, Ann Arbor, and Chicago.

All in all, a fine day for a couple of old birds who enjoy being together.


Dale said...

good Lord, you've been married longer than we have! Happy Anniversary!

ckw said...

congratulations--whoa-i always laugh and say- well, if i would count up all the years i've been married it would be close to that -but they aren't all to the same person!--but it is great you found each other and have still each other-and may you have many more!

Anonymous said...

Joan, congrats on the marital bliss! Fantastico! Also,my friend Dan (I think you met him when we got "married" in portland) has a blog for foodies. I thought you'd appreciate this restaurant review. He is VERY particular, and spent months in Thailand so when he saw good it means fantastic. Traci

Anonymous said...

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