Sunday, May 4, 2008

"Vote For One"

Yikes, now I am going to finally have to decide (or at least within the next two weeks). My ballot for the May 20 Oregon Primary arrived yesterday. We actually have quite a few interesting local races with real choices among good candidates. But, the big question for me that I have not yet resolved is which I will check in this part of the ballot:
United States President
Four year term
Vote For One
Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama

It's not that I haven't given it quite a bit of consideration, but rather that I continue to see different strengths for each candidate. I know this is dangerous to ask, but I am still interested in hearing reasons for voting for choosing either Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Obama if any of my minions of blog readers(!) want to give me advice in a comment. I am not a superdelegate, or any other kind of delegate, so this is just for one vote in the primary election. But, feel free to send cash or other items of value to enhance your recommendation if you feel strongly.

Meanwhile, the daily "input" keeps arriving- either in the mail or at the door. This is just from this past week's recycling box. (24 separate pieces) And, as I said, we have a little over 2 weeks to go. It might be worth noting that many of these candidates tout their commitment to sustainability.


Dale said...

Well, the place I go for this decision is, which is a lovely site with real facts presented in meaningful ways. What I care most about in this race is getting either one, Clinton or Obama, into the White House. Looking at Tannenbaum's maps, I've been coming to the conclusion that Clinton has a significant edge in a couple of the states that are likely to be tiebreakers -- namely Florida and Ohio. Obama would make the Republicans have to fight for Texas, but he'd probably lose it all the same. And he'd be very likely to lose Ohio and Florida as well. So I'm leaning slightly toward Clinton.

Very odd to have our primary vote actually mean something, isn't it?

What I find more exciting and important than the prospect of winning the presidency is the prospect of getting a solid Democratic majority in both houses. I'm psyched about that. Change properly happens in Congress, not in the White House, after all. (Okay, I'm hopelessly outdated. I *like* the Constitution.)

But I have to confess I still haven't made up my mind between Clinton & Obama either. I like both of them.

ckw said...

i am not a political person at all-but my next door neighbor is and invited us to meet Regan Grey and talk with her-democrat running for representative-she has much experience as the assistant to the current representative-who is running for senate-she is very into health issues-insurance and women's voices in politics-very approachable and we actually enjoyed meeting her and talking about issues and concerns
as far as "the one" whoa--I have concerns about the two of them and am in prolly more of a dilemma than you are--
off the vote subject-thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your thoughtful comments--thanks

Joan said...

Dale - thank you for the site reference. That is a helpful spot to keep an eye out on the national picture. I absolutely agree with you that the bottom line is getting a Democrat in the white house and also the majority in Congress. And it is, indeed, odd to have this upcoming primary be one that is not already a foregone conclusion. I expect it to be busy around her in the next two week.
Carole - I have also found Regan Gray to be impressive. I want to check out a bit more about Jules Kopel-Bailey since he has the endorsement of Oregon League of Conservation Voters, an organization I rely on for solid input. It's nice to have good choices.