Friday, May 23, 2008

About as Local as it Gets

Some lettuce varieties from our back yard

I started this blog last fall when I signed up for the Dark Days Eat Local Challenge and needed to have a venue for writing about our experiences. Looking lately, you might think I had given up on the local eating. But, not so - although, there was a period there during which is was getting pretty difficult to find some items grown within our 200 mile radius. But, of late, we have actually been doing quite well thanks to the opening of some of the farmer's markets and the beginning offerings from our garden. I just haven't been writing much about it lately. I have signed up for another eat local challenge for the summer that begins on June 1, so I've taken a bit of a break from the reporting on our local meals until then.

Here is some of what we've been eating from our back yard lately:
Some different kinds of lettuce, rainbow chard, and cilantro

the pak choi has gone to flower, but has provided quite a few meals and still has a fair amount left

These will be planted next

And our first CSA share is due to be ready in a couple of weeks. So, more on this topic beginning June 1.


Ann said...

i was just thinking that our veggies should be showing up soon.
can't wait.... for gina to cook 'em up !

Jean Ann said...

Can't wait until the weather finally warms enough to have reliable veggie harvests...the peas are just now starting to come in...