Friday, May 16, 2008


I made a rhubarb cake today with some rhubarb from last week's trip to the farmer's market. As I was working on it, I was thinking how much my mother-in-law would enjoy a piece when I take it over to her. We'd have some french press coffee and a little cake. Grady and I have been keeping dessert-making to a minimum lately as we try to improve our overall eating habits. But, whenever I do make something, we usually take some over to Grady's mom - unless it has nuts, which she hasn't been able to eat for quite a while.
And then I remembered.

We lost Anne last week. Grady and I were blessed to have been with her when she passed away on the morning of May 5. So she was not alone and we were able to be reassured that it was a peaceful transition for her. She had been prepared for this for some time, but we operated under the assumption that she would make it to 100. Instead, the 95th birthday party we had been planning for this summer will become a celebration of her life.

I have been stalling, to some extent, on writing about Anne's passing. In part, I just don't feel I have the gift of language to do her life justice. I also had hoped to find some other pictures to include. Like my sister, Ann, the only digital pictures I have of Anne Miller are from the last couple of years - and mostly at Christmas.

Although her mobility had become very limited due to her long battle with osteoporosis, her mind was still quite clear and active. She was playing cribbage with Grady on his almost daily visits right up to the end. And scrabble was the game of choice when Ardie was in town.

We all miss her, but we are also happy for her that she died the way she had always hoped she would. Anne was a woman of deep faith, dignity, and class - not to mention a master gardener and an avid reader. We have all been fortunate to have her in our lives for such a good long time.

And, now I guess Grady and I have to find someone else to join us for rhubarb cake.


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