Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dark Days Challenge Recap

Looking back since the last reporting in for the Dark Days Eat Local Challenge, I have a pretty short report to make. I wrote about the braised chicken, a squash tart, a roasted whole chicken, and a bean soup in the past couple weeks. I was out of town a good chunk of last week and so I wasn't cooking as much as usual. We did have a lovely salmon dinner that Gina made for us at my sister's house, and since that is in Seattle, I am guessing it was a local fish.

Then, while we were on San Juan Island, we had dinners at two restaurants that use products local to that area. This included meat grown on that island and produce from a garden on a nearby island. At the Steps Wine Bar and Cafe, I had a chicken tamale, featuring braised chicken from Synergy Farm near Friday Harbor. Other dinners our group tried included local broccoli, island grown lamb and homemade bacon. We had an equally delicious dinner at Backdoor Kitchen, an organic and natural restaurant known for international cuisine and also, incidentally, for being very tricky to find, especially in the dark. Gina and I both enjoyed that East Indian Thali platter.

Meanwhile, though, all this out-of-town time meant that I missed both of the last couple of farmer's market options. The next opportunity will be coming up this weekend. So, our local eating will have to come from freezer (not ours and cans as well as Oregon meats and fish. However, we do have quite a bit to use up from our freezer - it's just not all from local sources. And, then I am looking forward to the opening of the larger market at Portland State on April 5 after we get back from a trip to southern California.

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