Monday, March 10, 2008

Back from the San Juans

Got a bit of a reprieve for the update on Dark Days Eat Local Challenge since Laura won't be looking for them until Wednesday. So, meanwhile, this post will be mainly a collection of some of my photos from a trip to San Juan and Whidbey Islands this past week with Mom, Ann and Gina. Ann already wrote a pretty good description of our adventures in a family email and pretty much no one else reading this would be interested in all the details.

So, here is a random set of pictures from the trip. For the really loyal family (and others who don't have enough to do with their time), I've got them posted on my flickr page.

In the Rosario Strait heading to San Juan Island

Mom and Ann on the ferry

Cocktil hour in "our" lobby at the Lakedale. "ours" since we were the only people staying there!

We got some great looks at this eagle. I haven't often wished I had a better camera since mine is so darn convenient, but this was one of those times.

The madrones were beautiful - at American Camp and at Lime Kiln State Park.

We didn't manage to see any whales in spite of a lot of looking. But, who needs whales when you get to have a private photo shoot with a camel. Dear readers, meet Mona:

and Mona's new best friend Gina (with Girl Scout cookies)

On the other hand, the sisters were not so sure about this new friend. I blame it on our parents who never let us have pets when we were growing up.

Unfortunately, my camera froze for a while when we got some nice views of the rabbits and foxes. So, it looks like I went to the islands and spent most of the time with one kind of wildlife that I totally did not expect to see.
This will give my U. M. buddies a little to think about as we plan for our next roommate gathering when we go up to the San Juans next fall. And tomorrow, I can see what I can remember of our eating local efforts over the past couple weeks.

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Anonymous said...

OK, so I guess I kinda qualify as "family". Better that then the friend with too much time on her hands! Hmmm... Sadly, I have been waiting eagerly to see the pictures of your trip. Ann has been having problems downloading hers, so I was thrilled to see yours!