Sunday, March 2, 2008

Counterpoint to the Shopping Nightmare

A week or two ago, I wrote with disgust about a bad shopping experience. Served me right to even think that a big box store was where I had to go for what I was looking for, and for wasting the gas to get to the outskirts of town to go to one. But, I am happy to report that this weekend, I had experiences of a different sort in the retail world. Yesterday I brought a canvas bag full of books to sell back to Powells. They took all but two and gave me a store credit for $30. I then bought three books about Prague and eastern European countries (to start planning a trip for next year). Total for the books was $30.88. So, I coughed up the eighty-eight cents, put the books back into my canvas bag and got out before my 15 minute parking limit expired. Is that great or what? And today, a similar experience with a used clothing store where I take in my clothes off and on. And the two things these positive experiences had in common? Both locally-owned businesses; and buying and selling used items. Helps take the bad taste out of my mouth from that other shopping experience.

Meanwhile, spring is on its way in Portland. There are some photos below of flowers in or from our yard. And today's activities involved riding my bike and, when the car was needed, driving with the sun roof wide open - not to mention blasting out some music of my youth that American Roots was playing this afternoon, some classic doo-wap tunes.

And, now it's time to finish up my dinner preparations with a Draper Valley Farms roasted chicken and farm market onions, potatoes and carrots. Simple, but all local and, with any luck, delicious.

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ckw said...

oh man what a great day!
flowers,top down and music-caint get much better'n that-
glad you're havin fun-
nice to meet you sister way back then-not enough time for me to keep up during these months-but break is coming--maybe that friday labdealio is near-
keep on truckin'!