Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

A dozen beauties from my sweetheart.
fair trade-certified roses, of course :)

In starting up this short note, I realize what a creature of habit I am. As I was typing in the Title, the words popped up - signifying that I had used that same title before. So, I looked in the archives and, sure enough, same title this time last year. On top of that, last year, we evidently went to Vindalho for dinner last year. Tonight we are going to Lauro Kitchen - same owner/chef - different cuisine. But, neither restaurant was my first choice at the times I made the reservations. Last year, I called "Sel Gris", a new restaurant in our neighborhood at that time - called them a week before Valentine's day only to find they were already full up for the 14th. So, this year, I got smarter and called two weeks ahead. And got the same response.
Hmmm. Predictable we are.

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livinginalocalzone said...

Two weeks ahead and already booked up, wow. The roses look beautiful, like a work of art.