Friday, February 13, 2009

Fish Tacos - Dark Days, Week 13

OK, so I know this looks like mud and leaves. Yum. We're all over this natural eating business. However, if I could post this as a scratch and sniff photo, you'd think differently. This is a Moroccan Spice mixture that has been combined with some olive oil, lemon juice and cilantro. The spice mix has cumin, cinnamon, cayenne, paprika, turmeric, and salt. The aroma is fabulous. I made up a small batch of the spice mix and will be able to use the rest of it for something else.
Chunks of fish fillets are coated with the Morrocan mixture, baked in the oven

and served with corn tortillas.

Accompaniments: cilantro yogurt sauce, lettuce and tomatoes.

The Moroccan Fish Fillets are a recipe in my newest cookbook:
The authors suggest this can be used in fish tacos, served in pita bread, or on top of rice, all of which sound good to me. The fish tacos were very tasty. My recollection is that most fish tacos use a fried fish. That's what I remember from the famous-for-fish-tacos place Aileen took us to in San Diego. And I have to admit I kind of miss that crunchiness of the fried fish. But, really, the taste is so interesting with all those spices that it makes up for being a healthier version with the baked fish.

Local ingredients
dover sole fillets - wild caught off the coast of Oregon
Yogurt - Nancy's from Eugene
Tortillas - Carmen's, also out of Eugene
From farther away
cilantro, tomatoes, lettuce, lemon juice, olive oil from California
exotic spices - presumably from exotic places


Anonymous said...

Some dishes are eaten with the eyes, but I think often the best ones are eaten through the scent and the spice - who cares about the outside with all that goodness going on?? :-)

ckw said...

i love fish tacos! mm- first one i ever had was in pacific beach socal and i thought-eeuuww--fish in a taco!! but oh -in the summer they are so good to use grilled halibut or we even had some with thresher shark-mmmm

Anonymous said...

We make fish tacos about once a week, but never like this. Yea! A new recipe! Traci

Anonymous said...

Hi Joan: Back when I used to cook (like in my ancient history) I always was happiest and most satisfied with the homely dishes. I guess it was almost a fable for inner beauty. (Yeah, I know, almost ...)