Thursday, October 23, 2008


I voted this morning and this pretty well sums up my decision on the top of the ticket:
My thanks to Steve on More Hockey Less War for providing this best comic relief of the day. He found this on the site of one of our local newspapers, The Willamette Week. If you're really into this kind of thing, you can go there and download a pdf of the image to print.

I have to admit I need a laugh once in a while on the topic of the election. I think I'm spending WAY too much time reading various political blogs and news sites. Aside from the fact that I do actually have other things to do in my life, I'm finding every so often that I am getting that pit-in-the-stomach feeling worrying about it. (That and, oh, maybe the economic situation maybe?) I've neglected my own blog and the other local foodie blogs that I usually enjoy.

But, Grady and I are both done voting. I dropped mine off at the election headquarters this morning - hopefully no more calls, no more mailers, no more folks at the door. Back to local food reading and writing!

(Sorry, Maureen. I don't mean to poke a stick in your eye. I know you like her. But, it's my blog and I get to say what I want. Feel free to comment, though. I won't let anyone beat you up for your views. We've never been shy about airing differing views in our family! Dad would have loved the debating.)

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Ann said...

shouldn't that say "Dope" ?