Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Singing for Dummies

I started this blog because it was part of the deal with participation in the "Dark Days Eat Local Challenge" this past winter. But, I wanted to focus on more than that - especially since I am such a rookie, I didn't think I'd have enough to say about eating local foods. But, my interest in taking on the challenge is part of my new life after full time work in schools, a time when I can do a few things other than work. Hooray! So, I also started the blog to document my other new, or returning to, activities.

One of the items on my "things I want to do when I retire" list was to take vocal music lessons to improve my singing. So, last fall I enrolled in two classes at the Community Music Center - Voice Music Group Lessons, Level 1 and SightSinging. And, on Tuesday evenings, I join a small and eclectic group of budding singers with Anna, our instructor. I've done enough singing in choirs through high school, college and church choirs that some of what we work on is not new for me. But, there is so much for me to improve on that I feel it is well worth my time.

One of the great things about taking these classes is just being around all the other musicians. Our class is up there on the third floor in the back of the building - the same floor as the people learning piano and violin, so there is always music going on in the other rooms while we are waiting for our class to begin. And, on Tuesday evenings, the really good singers in the "Francis Street Singers" are rehearsing.

We started up the third term of the class last week. One of the songs we are working on this term is "Who will Buy?" from the musical, Oliver! Of course, I am already an expert on this son (!) because of my chorus role in the musical at Grant HS. That was in 1997, the year Aileen was a senior and played the role of Nancy. I know you're just loving this little trip down memory lane. But, I'll have to let it go at that for now. Maybe, we'll all get lucky and I will figure out how to include a sound file in my blog one of these days.


Ann said...

i LUV that song. and you best figure out some digital audio stuff to upload.

ckw said...

oh my gosh -- i luv that song,too- i even saw the broadway musical when i was in 5th grade AND got my hair cut just like oliver's and used to put on my own version of the musical at home!
thanks for the memory!
yep wanna hear sumthin--