Saturday, April 26, 2008

Signs of Spring in Manzanita

We were just treated to two beautiful days at the coast - sunny and warm. Beautiful walks on the beach, warm enough to sit on the front deck in short sleeves to read or nap. And, more signs of spring in our front garden.

Pieris Japonica.....

...and up close (note: these are new growth leaves, not the flowers, which will come later.)
Another favorite of mine in this garden - the contorted filbert with its new spring leaves
full view of the filbert

Of course, some members of the family preferred indoor activities much of the time.
like Miss Molly in her favorite corner and

the puzzlemaster

It was also a terrific seafood weekend - Oregon line-caught black rockfish that I cooked Friday night; then, Quinault, Washington razor clams and Columbia River salmon at Pirate's Cove restaurant on the way home today. All this great weather, food and relaxation helps make up for the return of the crappy weather forecast for the next several days. Already thinking ahead to our next trip to the beach.

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Ann said...

i need to learn from molly the finer points of lying around all day.