Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rhubarb Chutney

Recently I made another foray into the downstairs freezer to see what was on hand. After some reconnaissance, I discovered that we still had some packages of rhubarb and of berries from last spring. Whoops! Time to start using those before we have a new crop coming in fresh. So, I decided to bring up a bag of local 2008 rhubarb and think of something to do with it. The trouble with rhubarb and berries is that the first ideas that comes to mind are all in the dessert food group, not something that Grady and I need very much. So, I looked for other ways to use them and found a couple of ways to make rhubarb chutney.

I had a tough time deciding between two Epicurious recipes, so I kind of followed one, while adding elements to the other. My amalgam had:
4 C rhubarb
1 C golden raisins
1 C dried tart cherries
about 1/4 C brandy (all that we have left in the bottle - probably should have been more)
I think I used about 3/4 C sugar, but started low and then tasted as it went along
2 cinnamon sticks
2 tsp grated orange peel
juice of 1 lime

I cooked the fruit for a little while first until the rhubarb was fairly soft. Then added the rest and cooked until it tasted pretty good.

We used it with grilled chicken breasts one evening and then with some ham tonight.

So now to think of some ideas for the berries that does not include pie crust, lots of butter and sugar...... ?? I'm open to suggestions.


Ann said...

i just had some of val's rhubarb pie... she always makes it, and always brings me a piece, claiming it to be very tangy (why she doesn't put more sugar in i don't know) but really it wasn't . and i love it. my favorite kind of pie.

Anonymous said...

That looks great. I don't use alcohol, what might work as a sub for the brandy?

In terms of other things to make, maybe you could try crumbles? I make mine without butter at all, just the flour, oats, cooked fruit, uncooked fruit for chunks, a bit of honey if needed, and some granola for crunch. Mix, top with more granola, then bake it off until its set and lightly brown.

Joan said...

I'm with you, Ann, on the rhubarb pie. I need to be like Val and find other people to share it with.

The brandy was only in one of the chutney recipes and I didn't even use as much as they suggested. I think it could just be eliminated - probably need to add some water to make sure there is enough fluid.

The butterless crumble sounds like a good idea to try. Thanks