Sunday, September 7, 2008

Family of Many Opinions

I am the oldest of seven (1 boy) and we are a group who tend to be strong in our opinions and we don't hold them back. Recently, our Alaska sister got a good email conversation going by offering her view of Suzie Palin. (Yes, I know they call her Sarah, but to me, she's not a Sarah - she's a Suzie so I've renamed her for my own use.) Maureen told us about how many of the folks in Alaska view her - how she helped the town of Wasilla grow when other towns around them have not, how she was an improvement over the previous governor, and that she is generally viewed as a politician they like up there. Well, that stirred up a bit of a hornet's nest among the "flaming liberals" of the family, myself included. Most of the responses had more to do with Suzie's social and political views. I wouldn't say we came to any meeting of the minds, but we all had a good airing of our opinions (among the family and a few friends, that is). So, hats off to Maureen for giving us that excuse!

Having vented on the issue of Suzie Palin in the family venue, I'm not really interested in going back into it all - at least for the moment. (And all the blog readers heave a sigh of relief.) But, instead, I will recommend you read another opinion that I thought was particularly well written. Laura has a blog primarily focused on local eating, gardening and raising chickens. She has organized, or helped to organize, the eat-local challenges I've participated in and written about. In this post about Ms. Suzie, her focus is mainly on the complicated issue of the desire of many to see a woman in high office and how this nomination comes up short. If this sounds of interest to you, you will find that post at: (not so) Urban Hennery

And I'm back to food reporting in the next post because the garden and CSA have been good to us lately.

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